• Bitcoin Cash Soars Above $700

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    Markets Insider Bitcoin cash‘s rise continues Thursday, pushing the price of the upstart cryptocurrency above $700. Bitcoin cash soared to $718 per coin Thursday morning, up around 8%. The cryptocurrency has since pulled back and is now trading around $695. On Wednesday, bitcoin cash led a huge cryptocurrency rally, which followed a market crash earlier in the [.


    Bitcoin cash soars above $700 · Sep. 7, 2017; The guy Newsweek called the ‘inventor’ of Bitcoin plans to sue · Oct. 14, 2014; Elon Musk shows off new LA tunnel and Winklevoss twins sue over $32M of stolen bitcoin video – CNET · Nov. 5, 2018; Coinbase got hammered for rejecting Bitcoin Cash, but the startup is betting the move will pay off · Aug. 3, 2017; Bitcoin price soars past $1,060 as.

    Bitcoin Cash breaks several barriers including $245 and $250 amid widespread cryptocurrency gains. BCH/USD hits a wall at.

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    🔵 Crypto Prices Soar! Is The Bear Market Over? Bitcoin Cash is Biggest Gainer.No, it’s a fork. The older Bitcoin core will consider blocks by Bitcoin Cash to be invalid and reject them. Bitcoin cash will also only follow other Bitcoin cash blocks from after the point of the fork. Shared history, but separate cryptocurrencies. It’s branched off.

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    Bitcoin Cash Soars to $700, Coinbase Customers Threaten to Sue. A new version of bitcoin hit the market on Tuesday and, on its second day of trading, it has already tripled in price and its market cap is now third biggest of all digital currencies. Known as Bitcoin Cash, the new currency arrived via a so-called “fork” in which a faction of people who run the software that controls bitcoin.

    02/08/2017  · Bitcoin Cash Soars to $700, Coinbase Customers Threaten to Sue (fortune.com) 317 points by abhi3 on Aug 2, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 412 comments: bdcravens on Aug 2, 2017. Big point to remember: the current high price is artificial. There are only a few exchanges selling BCH, and they aren’t accepting deposits. The only sellers are those who had BTC there prior to August 1.

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