• Bitcoin Heist Iceland

    10 Sep 2018.

    Iceland prosecutors are charging the suspects with over $871,000 in stolen goods, but the group of individuals are also being sued for $1.7.

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    21 Jan 2019.

    Last year, Sindri Stefansson was arrested for his part in what has been described as the biggest heist Iceland has seen – over $2 million worth.

    24 Apr 2019.

    Sindri Stefansson was one of those who capitalised on Iceland's new weed industry. He was born in 1986 in Akureyri, a small city 250 miles.

    24 Apr 2018.

    Iceland's alleged bitcoin mining computer thief Sindri Thor Stefansson, who escaped from prison last week, was arrested in Amsterdam.

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    While he was sleeping, someone had broken into the data center and stolen 550 Bitcoin computers, along with motherboards, graphics cards,

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